Legal services

We offer our expertise to help you in many ways. Whether it's personal or business representation, legal counsel, or some other legal affairs, we designed our services for you.

Real Estate

Real estate transactions can be daunting. That's why sellers or buyers came to us to help them protect their investments and guide them throughout the process.

Litigation and Arbitration

Regarding legal businesses, you need an experienced team like ours who can help you with clear communications and day-to-day counsel on your procedures.

Corporate and Business Law

We aim to provide a legal team that anticipates contingencies jeopardizing your investments while protecting and optimizing your transactions.


We help you to keep your business according to Costa Rican regulations.


Intellectual Property

We protect your work and your ideas. Our intellectual property practice includes advice on copyrights, trademarks and logos, and their respective registration.


Our knowledge of legal immigration services will assist you in any immigration regularization process, from processing the expatriation of your company's employees to their retirement in our country.

How may we assist you?