Practice Areas

Our Practice Areas

Corporate Law

We have an interdisciplinary team, focused on the attention of Corporate Law and National and International Business Advice. The Business Prevention Plan includes a study of companies and branches domiciled abroad, transformations, mergers and other stages of the process of installation and exit of companies in the country. Among our services we can find:

− Corporate Auditors of Legal and Financial Scope.

– Consultancy, development, implementation and negotiation of agreements and contracts of corporate and commercial nature.

−Structure of trust funds

– Incorporation of companies, particularly under special regimes.

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Labor and Employment

We specialize in studying the roles and work models of each company, we determine possible shortcomings and current contingencies, in order to implement a personalized business prevention plan for each client, where policies and regulations are made regarding the existing labor conditions established in Costa Rica. This area includes:
−Confection of employment contracts, warnings, regulation of the personnel of each company
− Liquidation calculations
−Instore internal work policies and regulations
−Resolution of internal conflicts
– Advice and Consulting
– Litigation



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Migration and Nationality

We have a team of years of experience in regulating the situations of foreigners in the country, facilitating their conditions in Costa Rica, we advise on procedures such as:

− Obtaining work permits

− Processing and obtaining birth certificates

−Management and obtaining temporary, permanent residences, nationality, citizenship and extension of stay in Costa Rica.



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Judicial and non-judicial payment

For us it is essential to protect the patrimony of our clients against debtors through the creation of collection policies, implementation of actions to correct and the management of auctions. We advise you on:

−Use of technological tools to recover your money.

−Placing lawsuits

−Removable property and real estate

−Assistance to oral hearings.



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International / Customs Commerce

International and national companies turn to RJM lawyers for cases of success in the application of national regulations in the installation of companies in Costa Rican and vice versa. Within this field, our specialists we provide:
– Advice on Customs and Free Zones Law
−Health measures management
−Consultancy in international trade
– Analysis of the regulations that affect companies in the sector.



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In our business prevention plan, we advise clients on the financial planning of their companies, analyzing the consequences of the actions, as well as the management of the payment of taxes, fees and contributions. Our firm has a group of independent consultants to meet the needs of customers in this area, among which we can present:
−Consultancy, advice
−Payment schedule



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Intellectual Property and Industrial Property / Sanitary Registries

We stand out in the region for the extensive experience in copyright and trademark matters, as well as the processing of health permits, their renewal and monitoring. In this area we also work:

– Registration, renewal and transfer of trade names and brands

− Copyright Registration

− Patent Processing


−Condition of contracts and confidentiality clauses



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Notary Services

We are characterized by the great trajectory of our professionals in notarial services, indispensable in proper functioning of a legal firm, guaranteeing our clients a due attention and response to your needs such as:

– Preparation of deeds, transfers of property

−Registration studies

− Registration records

−Constitution and cancellation of mortgages and pledges

−Constitution of societies of various kinds

– Issuance of legal entities, social capital certifications, tax payment

– Authentic signatures, wills, powers, affidavits, among others.



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Environmental, Occupational Health and Safety

The care of the environment is essential, therefore in RJM lawyers we accompany different clients in the management, creation and regulation of conscious and sustainable practices, for infrastructure, food and transportation development projects. Such legal support may include:
−Environmental management (permit procedures, licenses and safety process analysis)
– Examination of due diligence.



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Banking and finances

We have professionals with vast experience in this area, we provide advice on the processing of loans, as well as investment in national and international capital markets, through which it is possible to reorganize the structures of companies in order to make their operations influential in the modern financial field.

−Business or corporate banking

−Financing of projects

−Market studies

− Credit analysis

−Financial services and management

− Opening and renovation of credit lines.



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Private Capital and Venture Capital / Investment Funds

In RJM lawyers we like to see our clients companies emerge, which is why we have a large team of professionals that will help you make the best economic decisions for your company. We perform:
−Credit studies
−Administration and investment search
−Formalization of credits.



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Competition and Anti-Monopoly

We are a firm committed to healthy and fair competition in the market. Our team consists of experts who have been part of regulatory institutions, as well as professionals in other branches that provide a broad and consolidated perspective for the client in areas of:
−Litigation in administrative and judicial instances
−Advice to various institutions
-Drafting and implementation of anti-competition agreements.



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Compliance and Anti-Corruption

RJM Lawyers is a legal firm responsible for applying the prevention and elimination of acts of corruption within the companies advised in order to avoid damage to the image of the company in the market, as well as fines, destruction of commercial agreements, among others. Therefore we work in:
−Study, analysis, writing, review and implementation of risk study practices and economic factors of companies
– Guidance on future risks and how to mitigate them.



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Public Law, Administrative Contracting and Economic Regulation

In this area, the experience of the legal professionals that make up the firm, in conjunction with the work of state entities and institutions, is framed in order for clients to obtain an effective, efficient response without major complexities. We advise on:
− Administrative / Public Contracting
−Public Contracts
− Regional, governmental and municipal matters.



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Family / Divorces / Alimony

We focus on the processing of the various processes that will be generated around a family, with the caution and respect that the case deserves. We provide services of:
− Processing and monitoring of alimony
−Inscription of marriages and divorces abroad
– Demand processes, hearings, establishment of visiting regimes
– Processes affecting family assets.



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Real Estate and Hospitality

Our professionals with extensive knowledge in real estate law, provide a complete accompaniment to the clients who develop in this area, together with the corporate and labor branches. We perform:
− Contract writing
−Accompaniment in negotiations
−Construction of Companies
−Contact for Outsourcing.



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Advertising, marketing and consumer protection

We advise our clients in the implementation of assertive advertising, taking into account everything related to the relationship with the Intellectual and Industrial Property team.
−Advice and Consulting.


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Conflict resolution

We have vast experience in the field of conflict resolution at national and international level, providing support to the client in each of its stages, providing a quick, effective response according to the needs according to the case, We help our clients with:
− Internal conflicts of the company
−Alternate conflict resolution
– Arbitration and Mediation.



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Insurance and Reinsurance

The lawyers of our firm are specialized and trained to provide support in the insurance and reinsurance processes, together with the legal department, our team is composed of specialists in international trade. Some services in this area are:
−Intermediation (agents and brokers)
−Consultancy and Consulting
− Insurance contracts



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Telecommunications, media and technology

Given the constant changes in this area, the opening of markets in this discipline involve the participation of professionals with knowledge in telecommunications, communication and technology, so we have the knowledge to provide timely support and immediate advice.



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Free trade zone

In addition to the team with sufficient experience in legal matters, RJM lawyers has a group of professionals in international trade, specialized in customs issues, special regimes, who are always willing to provide your company with opportunities that will be reflected in the assets.



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Inheritance and Probate Law

In the presence of this very complicated stage, RJM lawyers proceed with the greatest caution and continuousness, immediate and effective advice to the loss of a life. As well as a preventive plan, in which the writing of a will, will be fundamental.



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Transit Law

Our lawyers will provide support in the administrative and judicial stages of your process, advising our clientes regarding the appropriate measures and agreements as the case may be. It should be remembered that Traffic Law is a compendium of various branches of law, such as civil, criminal, insurance, administrative, among others. In this area we can work with:
− Traffic violations
− Appeals
– Execution of sentences.



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Criminal law

We advise, accompany and provide representation in criminal proceedings, with specialized knowledge in the procedural and merits stages. Among these services our team helps our clients with:
−Confection of lawsuits, complaints
−Representation in hearings.



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