About Us

About Us

Founded in 2014 with the goal of providing specialized customer service, characterized by quality, efficiency and transparency in legal advice. RJM lawyers is a firm created by three professional entrepreneurs in Law, where youth, professionalism and experience created a unique and distinguished “brand” for the sake of our clients’ satisfaction. The firm focuses on clients, companies and entrepreneurial professionals, whether they are national or foreign, in order to create a strategic network under a fresh and innovative vision based on their ideals and work philosophy.

RJM lawyers offer a range of services with personalized attention, 24/7 availability, human quality, professionalism, commitment and security.


RJM lawyers is characterized for providing a complete offer of legal services to its clients with efficiency, human quality and commitment in order to achieve excellence in the quality of the services offered.


We seek to be a firm that provides high quality services in search of international positioning, becoming strategic partners of our clients, guided by innovation as a key to take on the challenges of the future.

Our Values

Commitment to quality

The needs of our clients are our priority, through an efficient work that guarantees the quality of the integral service.


We work in an environment free of discrimination, therefore we promote the variety in labor profiles, considering the diverse perspectives and ideas of each of our collaborators and clients.

Integral approach

In order to arrive at a high quality service, we specialize in different legal areas to provide customized solutions with high added value, working to have the appropriate response to the client’s needs.


Through mutual collaboration and teamwork, we ensure productivity, efficiency and effectiveness, in each of the services we provide, promoting complete growth in both professional and personal areas of our employees and our customers.


We seek to improve business models and offer new services for the benefit of the client, we seek to expedite requests through the implementation of technological platforms, and by implementing new processes that facilitate the procedures. We also seek to carry out projects together with professionals from other branches in order to provide complete and innovative services.

Social Responsibility

In the respect of human rights, our legal firm, has as its main objective to work with honesty, transparency, ethics and sustainability through the strict care and adherence of constitutional ideals and international regulations, all with the purpose of providing a service of excellence and quality.

Meet our professionals

We value the members of our team, their intellect and the characters that make decisions. We are proud to have managed to gather intelligent, talented and customer-oriented staff.


Universidad de Costa Rica Law Degree with Emphasis in Forensic Sciences. Specialization in Notarial and Registry Law, Master in Criminology with Emphasis on Human Security. Master in Criminal and Legal Sociology.



Universidad Libre de Derecho Law degree. Universidad de Costa Bachelor of Customs Administration and Foreign Trade. Specialization in Notarial and Registry Law



Universidad de Costa Rica Law Degree with Emphasis in Forensic Sciences. Specialization in Notarial and Registry Law.